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Az alábbiakban az NKE kutatók érdeklődésére számot tartó adatbázishasználati bemutatók, publikálásmódszertani tréningek és és kutatástámogatási  előadásokra szóló meghívók kerülnek megjelenítésre.

Kirill & Bartek's scientific insight about Scopus, AI and the future

2023. szeptember 19. (kedd) 10:00, online

This webinar will take you on an insightful journey into the future of research with the upcoming open webinar. Join Elsevier Research Intelligence Customer Consultants Bartek Wieckowski and Kirill Ivanov will delve into the fusion of advanced AI models and a vast academic database within Scopus AI. This integration is set to redefine academic search, offering an intuitive interface that nurtures creativity, encourages collaboration, and facilitates pioneering academic contributions.

Language: English


Excellence in peer review: how to be an effective peer reviewer

2023. szeptember 20. (szerda) 10:30, online

This workshop will cover all the essentials of how to be an effective peer reviewer for researchers in all areas, including:

  • An overview of the different types of peer review

  • The responsibilities of a peer reviewer

  • How to critically assess an article and write an effective report

  • What to do if you have ethical concerns about an article you have been asked to review

If you would like the opportunity to gain further experience as a reviewer, after attending this workshop, we can link you with journals in your subject area.

Language: English


Jstor Full Access Model Overview for EISZ Members

2023. szeptember 21. (csütörtök) 15:00, online

A webináron megismerkedhetnek a magyar konzorcium kutatói a Jstor a datbázis 2024-től elérhető új modelljével, mely a szolgáltató valamennyi archív csomagjához hozzéférést biztosít.

Language: English


Peer review in an evolving publishing landscape

2023. október 26. (kedd) 11:00, online

Peer review is an integral part of scholarly communication assessing the validity, significance, and originality of research. With movements like open research and artificial intelligence (AI) gaining momentum, and an increasing emphasis on research integrity, what does the future hold for peer review and academic publishing?

In this webinar, Eleanor-Rose Papas (Senior Editorial Operations & Peer Review Manager, F1000) and Rebecca Furlong (Head of Reviewer Programmes, Taylor & Francis Group) discuss how peer review is developing within an equally evolving publishing landscape.

Register now to join the session, where you’ll uncover:

  • What the future research ecosystem looks like

  • Trends in peer review

  • The benefits of open, transparent peer review

  • Real-life examples of peer review reports

  • How peer review works at F1000 and Taylor & Francis

Can’t make it at this time? Register anyway and we’ll send you the webinar recording after the event, so you can watch it on demand!

Language: English


Stay updated: Recent changes in Scopus, SciVal, and other RI solutions

2023. október 17. (kedd) 10:00, online

In the rapidly changing landscape of Research Intelligence, it's crucial to stay on top of improvements in tools like Scopus and SciVal. Join to learn about the latest updates in these renowned Elsevier solutions that will enable you to strengthen your research evaluation strategy, make data-driven decisions and increase your institution's competitiveness.

Language: English


Sharing your publications with others; pre-prints; use of social media to increase visibility

2023. november 24. (péntek) 10:00, online

First, we'll recap on journal selection, then learn about rights & permissions to share your articles. We'll also talk about how to leverage Social Media for better visibility.

Language: English


Search, identify, organize literature with Scopus.

2023. december 12. (kedd) 10:00, online

Techniques for conducting comprehensive literature searches, identifying relevant sources, and organizing research findings.

Language: English